Krakow may not be on every foodie’s list as a place to seek out a great culinary experience, but those who are willing to wander will be greatly rewarded. The city is bursting with a variety of restaurants ranging from high-end hotspots to local, family-run cafés serving up traditional Polish dishes. International fare isn’t hard to find either, as are healthy and veggie options. Also, if you’re looking for great coffee, you won’t be short of choices.

Old Town


Chimera has captured the hearts of Krakow’s salad lovers. With an amazing salad bar in their garden, you can get an affordable, nutritious lunch that’s also super quick. In addition, you’ll immediately notice after entering the gate that the place is beautifully decorated. Throughout the day you can nosh on the menu of the day (there’s always a few different options to choose from), and in the evening dine on a wonderful selection of Polish dishes. On weekends, quite often there are live music performances, and sometimes even theatre performances — all the more reason to stay and grab a bite to eat!

Address: św. Anny 3, Kraków, Poland.
Phone number: +48 12 292 12 12


This friendly restaurant has a large garden, interesting interiors, and friendly, professional service. For lunch, we recommend trying the pumpkin soup and one of the homemade pasta dishes. If you’re looking to get your daily fruits or veggies, the juices are absolutely delicious. The highlight of Dynia is undoubtedly the breakfast — and the best part is that it’s served till midday! Brunch anyone?

Address: Krupnicza 20, 31-123 Kraków, Poland.
Phone number: +48 12 430 08 38


This small bar, despite only being on the city’s culinary map for a few months, has already garnered rave reviews. But as they only offering soups, many of you might be hesitant at first. Soup? Just soup? Why? If you’re not particularly fond of soup we promise that this will be the place to convert you and bring you over to the dark side (or the soup-ier side at least!). Every day you’ll find different two kinds of soup: one being more traditional and very Polish (usually tomato-based, or zurek), and the other more international (Moroccan, African, Asian, etc.). Minimal seating and simple decor cater towards those who like their food with no frills — simple, delicious, and quick.

Address: Rajska 20, 33-332 Kraków, Poland.
Phone number: +48 692 711 352


Polakowski is a self-service bar with strong ties to tradition. If you’re looking for some hearty, authentic Polish dishes, this is the place to visit. The walls are decorated with jars of sauerkraut and pickles — two things that true Poles cannot imagine their lives without! The atmosphere is rather cosy and sleepy, but pleasant and somewhat sentimental because of the old music playing in the background. Hits from the past like pre-war tangos and communist-era Polish beats can be heard, and add to the authentic feel of the place. Also, the scrumptious potato pancakes merit special attention — don’t leave without trying them!

Address: plac Wszystkich Świętych 10, 31-004 Kraków, Poland.
Phone number: +48 12 430 21 56

Kazimierz District

Ambasada Zupy

Grab yourself a hot bowl of soup at Ambasada Zupy

Grab yourself a hot bowl of soup at Ambasada Zupy

This new place serves up delicious soups — both Polish and international. The prices are good, the interior is pleasant, and the service, friendly. This is a great place to check out when all that you’re looking for is a good, nutritious lunch to fuel up for a day of exploring the town. Additionally, this is a great place when you need somewhere to just sit and think, or to people-watch, as there is ample seating by the windows that overlook a busy street.

Address: Mostowa 2, 31-061 Kraków, Poland.
Phone number: +48 793 570 828

Kuchnia u Doroty

This classic Polish restaurant serves some great soups, dumplings, potato pancakes, and other local delicacies. From Monday to Friday, a two-course menu of the day is set at a very affordable price. The place is usually filled at lunchtime with students and employees from nearby offices. Set in the heart of Kazimierz, a quiet, relaxed part of the city, Kuchnia u Doroty is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat before or after sightseeing.

Address: Augustiańska 4, 31-064 Kraków, Poland.
Phone number: +48 517 945 338

Amazing food + amazing people = The Best. Day. Ever.

Amazing food + amazing people = The Best. Day. Ever.

Hummus Amamamusi

For those who like to take their sweet time eating, Hummus Amamamusi is definitely worth a visit because of the inspiring atmosphere and the spirit of the place. They have a wide variety of fresh handmade dishes, hummus, vegetables, and delicious, freshly brewed coffee on hand at all times. The owners take the time to prepare your food in front of you and have conversations about any topic you can think of — just the way people in Krakow like it.

Address: Meiselsa 4, Kraków, Poland.
Phone Number: +48 533 306 288