Today, June, 1st is a very special day in the Polish calendar – we celebrate Children’s Day.

So what to do? 

If your children are school-age, do not worry. They will come up with something nice there. There will be a trip, something special to eat, play and fun. The only thing you should prepare is a nice gift for your child and something extra – like sweets outside regular hours, lack of shower in the evening (yes, I know, I should not have written such things, but…the Children’s Day is only once a year, so…forget for a while of being a perfect parent. It is boring)

Below you will find more suggestions of children-friendly activities possible to organize in Krakow. We can help you or you can make them on your own. Have fun!

  • Take a city tour with us. We will take your children to places they do not know. We will explore new paths, stories, and games together. We can even do it wearing real folk costumes from Krakow. Write to us at if you are interested in this form of sightseeing.
  • What about a city game? Together, we will discover the mysteries of medieval Krakow and learn about the secret nooks and crannies of the Royal City. We will make a special program for you. Interested? Contact us at
  • We offer individual and group workshops: music, art, anti-discrimination. Write at: if something interests you.
  • Think about a picnic. Beautiful weather encourages a lot to go out. Just take a blanket, some food and go to the park or forest. I like the most Bednarski Park and Las Wolski (Wolski Forest), but there are plenty of green places to choose from in Krakow. Do not spend this day in front of the TV, be a hero once a year!
  • Many of Krakow’s museums have interesting exhibitions for children. I especially recommend the Aviation Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Underground Market Museum, but there are more. This weekend (June 5-6) in many brands of the History Museum there are attractions for children. Free or with a special ticket for just PLN 1 (check here