When travelling to a new city, most of us love picking up a keepsake singluar to that place. If you’re looking to head home with a piece of Krakow in your pocket, we’ve put together a list of galleries and stores where you can buy unique and locally name souvenirs. (Looking for more? Check out our Made in Krakow shopping tour.)

Mila for unique pottery

Mila is where to go for great pottery, crystal and unique products made in Poland. Look especially for the ceramic sets from the city of Boleslawiec. With its white and navy blue colours and circle of flower patterns, it’s very easy to recognise. And don’t be afraid your items will break while travelling, as the staff pack everything perfectly for staying safe. The shop also offers the option to send your items via post. Alternatively, choose just a small and cheaper piece of this special ceramic, such as a magnet, thimble or cup holder. 14 Slawkowska Street, Krakow

Szambelan for homemade liquor

Szambelan is a unique shop with high-quality liquors, produced locally according to traditional recipes. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful, huge glass containers located along the wall and the number of different flavours available to try (or buy as a great gift from Krakow!). Our favourites include cherry and orange-chocolate liquors, but if you want something stronger, don’t hesitate to sample the Wormwood, a plum liquor, at 70% alcohol. You can also order a cup of coffee there, but who is drinking coffee when you’re surrounded by high-quality liquors, made according to a traditional formula? 9 Bracka Street, Krakow 

When in Krakow, visit Syncret for handmade jewelry | Photo by Krakow Urban Adventures

When in Krakow, visit Syncret for handmade jewelry | Photo by Krakow Urban Tours

Syncret for handmade jewelry

Syncret is a jewelry shop located in the same building as where the old renaissance Goldsmiths’ Guild of Krakow used to be. So as you can imagine, it is a very special, historic place. The tradition is continued by Syncret’s master goldsmiths. The magically decorated store displays the most beautiful pieces of handcrafted gold, platinum and silver jewelry in many styles, from Art Deco to classic and minimalist. Carefully selected and handcrafted gemstones by goldsmiths make Syncret a unique place to fulfill any jewelry dreams. Inside the shop there’s a possibility you’ll see the precise machines used for diamond-turning and even find out if your jewelry is real — and what it would be worth nowadays. 8 Bracka Street, Krakow 

Wawel for Krakow’s best chocolate

Wawel is originally the name of the most famous place in Krakow — a huge hill where the Royal Castle and the Royal Cathedral are located. But Wawel is also a brand name of a traditional confectionery business. Created by the “Chocolate King,” Adam Piasecki, in the 19th century, the brand is still known in Poland today. At Wawel, you’ll find the best selection of chocolates and candies in Krakow (and maybe even in Poland). Behind many of the sweet names are some interesting stories. For example, the Danusia chocolate bar was named by Piasecki in honour of his beautiful employee, Danusia, who he never married because of the differences in their family status. Kasztanki (chestnut) candies were invented during a charity auction to support the rebuilding of Wawel Castle. According to folklore, Piasecki was walking under the chestnut tree and thought how the chestnut has an original and unique taste. And it has indeed! 33 Main Market Square, Krakow

Discover unique amber at Qubic Art | Photo by Krakow Urban Adventures

Discover unique amber at Qubic Art | Photo by Krakow Urban Tours

Qubic Art for amber

The first thing you can discover at Qubic Art is that the amber they sell is a fossil resin, not stone. It is much lighter than stone and much heavier than plastic. Gallery owner and talented artist Małgorzata Stawniak can explain why Polish amber is quite hard to work on and, at 54 million years old, is the oldest amber found. In this unique gallery, you can admire beautiful jewelry and distinct pieces of amber in different shapes and colours. Visitors can also find out more about this special material — from old legends and the traditional medical functions of amber, to modern fashion shows and how amber is processed. Izaak Square, Krakow

KOKOworld Gallery for locally designed clothes

KOKOworld was founded on a passion for travelling and fair trade. It’s a place where interest for other cultures and remote corners of the world meet with a faith that small steps can make the world the better place. Inspired by her exotic journeys, gallery founder Agata Kurek decided to dedicate her time and efforts to create something extraordinary — a place where socially responsible fashion meets Polish craftspeople, cooperating and sharing their experiences with artisans around the world. At KOKOworld every piece has its own unique story and international value — it starts somewhere in Africa or Latin America where somebody (known personally to Agata) has an idea and makes a pattern. That design is then sewn in local sewing rooms near Krakow. 19 Starowislna Street, Krakow 

Kacper Global for handmade shoes

There are many shoe shops in Krakow, but one of them is really worth visiting. Kacper Global salon is located in Kazimierz district, very close to the Temple Synagogue. It’s not just another shop with leather shoes; Kacper Global has been operating since 1997 and is owned by the same family of shoemakers. All the shoes here are produced by hand in the factory near Krakow. Kacper Global employs three shoe designers who travel to all the important fashion shows around the world. No wonder the store prepares up to 50 new patterns in a variety of colours each year. 33 Miodowa Street, Krakow

This concept store is stocked with local designers | Photo by Krakow Urban Adventures_

This concept store is stocked with local designers | Photo by Krakow Urban Tours

IDEA FIX for Polish designers

IDEA FIX is more than a concept store. It is a place where Polish fashion, art and design meet, a place where you stumble upon a fashion show or even a creative business conference. IDEA FIX was established in 2009 as the very first concept store promoting only Polish brands and designers. Currently the store is located in the former “Kolejarz” (Railwayman) Theatre, where it hosts nearly 100 clothing, accessories, applied art and jewelry designers, as well as artists. 7 Bochenska Street, Krakow

Jozefa Street for local galleries and souvenirs

Jozefa Street has a unique charm thanks to its murals, small galleries and local restaurants. Here, you can find everything from handmade Polish pottery and elaborated jewelry to wooden toys, old photos or postcards and unexpected trinkets. Visit the garden of Wrega pub in the summer. With its enormous mural depicting the personalities who made the Kazimierz district important, it’s easy to find. Jozefa Street, Krakow